Putting The American Dream To Death

High school students spent spring break in Haiti at Hosean International Ministries.

High school students spent spring break in Haiti at Hosean International Ministries.

I thought Rich started to address the topic of giving in a brilliant way. Even I was squirming at the beginning of this chapter because you see, I work hard for what I have gained or hope to gain. I’ve never been one to not want to give. One of the greatest frustrations of taking a pay cut for a new job (my choice, and a very good choice) was the our ability to give in the way we had previously was just not the same, just not there. But when I don’t know what’s coming, these conversations always make me squirm at first.

But this IS a topic that must be addressed. I loved the concept of God entrusting us with our resources, finances and otherwise, we’re not entitled, but entrusted. Much like we give our retirement to a stockbroker or a financial adviser – for them to help us grow our resources.

A few other points that really stood out to me:

  1. The parable in Matthew 25, one verse is always on my mind “You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.” I have always always enjoyed this and try to keep myself accountable to this verse in particular. Am I a good steward of what I have?? Such as money, but also time and other resources. I 100% believe that God will keep his promise to multiply my efforts and outcome by being faithful with a few things – even such things as the blessing of being a parent. If I am faithful to this I believe God will multiply those outcomes in my children.
  2. The community in Acts 2 – I loved this quote, “These folks were transforming the culture, not letting the culture transform them.” Sometimes where we live and the values we see just are counter-cultural to the ideals of our faith that we try to live. We don’t have to be radical, but our differences will stand out just by being faithful.
  3. I also loved that Rich mentioned a very tangible way to live this by asking questions such as: Should I buy this new car? take this vacation? increase my savings account? Maybe, but not until I prayerfully consider what God would have me do with His money. – The questions could absolutely be YES. For us right now, increasing our savings account – a very “yes” answer there. But there are some funds where the answer is, “No. Send to Haiti.” In January it was, “No. Use that to GO to Haiti.” And let’s be honest, there were years where the answer was, “Yes, GO TO THE BEACH.” I love those answers 🙂 But the point is to be very conscious, intentional, and to ask – where will this best serve You?

Simple. Tangible. Actionable.




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3 responses to “Putting The American Dream To Death

  1. Allison

    This strikes me as a chapter that I will re-read frequently throughout our efforts to get rid of our debt, which is what we are in the midst of right now. I feel like I can read all the financial books/blogs/etc and follow the tips but when it comes down to it, I am more motivated by the thought of all the differences that my money could be making when I am not making student loan payments or a visa payment.

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