Chapter 13 Spiders Spiders and More Spiders

I wanted to stop turning the pages. This is a chapter where I wanted to turn the channel. Rich has done a great job up until now of presenting facts but keeping things light. I think at some point though he needed to deliver the rest of the facts. The rest of the actual reality that the world faces that we don’t know about and quite frankly don’t want to know about. This was chapter 13. (I did peek ahead and the title of Ch 14 is “Finally, the good news” – I can’ wait!)

Absolute favorite quote that got me through what seemed to be a sea of drowning individuals and circumstances, Bob Pierce

Don’t fail to do something just because you can’t do everything.

I loved the additional microfinance stories, incredibly uplifting and a challenge for me personally to find ways to invest in such causes. The issue of gender made my heart hurt. Some parts literally made me nauseous. No, that’s keeping it too PC, some parts made my stomach literally turn, I tasted bile and had to force myself to keep reading instead of running to the restroom to throw up.

  • Little girls growing up in developing countries are more likely to die before turning five – I have a five year old. Prayse. The light of my life.
  • Two -thirds of the world’s eight hundred million illiterate are women
  • More apt to be forced to marry before age 16 and be the victim of sexual and domestic abuse
  • Some two million children, mostly girls as young as five years old are part of the growing commercial sex trade around the world. This is the point where I wanted to run to that restroom I mentioned. Prayse again was so vivid in my mind. And this is many parents’ reality. My heart hurts for them.

As a woman, I got defensive, my pride and my ego were hurt when I read that

Women own less than 1 percent of the world’s property. They also work two-thirds of all the world’s labor hours, but ean just 10 percent of the world’s wages.

I am not really a feminist but I got pissed at this. I am waiting for the information and the specifics on how I can help this piece because it ticks me off. One of my favorite quotes was from the former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan

No tool for development is more effective than the empowerment of women.

Nice. Love it.

That was my focus but if someone can please address the story of Margaret, who’s nose, ears and lips were cut off while six months pregnant when the Lord’s Resistance Army came to their village as she was working in the garden. How she ever encountered her attacker later and drew upon the strength of Jesus Christ to forgive him… well, I don’t know. It’s beyond me. I was 100% humbled however as I think back to certain grudges that I am struggling to 100% let go and let our God handle. For 100% true and real forgiveness. It seems so petty now.



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2 responses to “Chapter 13 Spiders Spiders and More Spiders

  1. Allison

    This chapter made me feel a lot of anger, as well. As a woman and as a mother of a little girl. I was also struck by the statistics provided on refugees and war. Specifically the part that says that it would only take 5% of global military spending to bring one billion people out of extreme poverty. That is IN-SANE. Thinking about war makes my head spin. It seems like it should be so simple for people to just decide to make it stop, but then where do you begin? There is so much fighting in our world. The follow up with the story about Margaret in the Children of War center was the perfect example about where it begins to end. If a person can be strong enough to live through that and forgive like that, then maybe it is possible to end wars. What an amazing place, with wonderful staff/volunteers that center must be.

    • That stat about 5% of global military spending to bring one billion people out of extreme poverty blew my mind as well. (Note GLOBAL – not just US, I think sometimes we immediately get up in arms about stuff like this – but it would take all, not just one). But, like you said, if Margaret can forgive. If her torturers and those who murdered her friends, can be reformed by the love of God – it seems like there’s a chance yes? Like everything however, it’s about action.

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