Chapter 11 Caught in the Web

Spider_web_with_dew_drops04This is one of those chapters that has stayed with me throughout this year after reading it for the first time. This chapter to me is a symbol of hope, of how one little thing called hope and it’s cousin, empowerment, can change an entire family, community, town.

This quote by Rich set it all up for me

Perhaps the greatest mistake commonly made by those who strive to help the poor is the failure to see the assets and strengths that are always present in people and communities no matter how poor they are.

The story of Rodrick changed my life. I have been involved in some micro-lending projects before and really didn’t think much about it. But now, now I am wondering if maybe this is one of the main ways I would like to get involved. To give people a chance to not just have a handout, but a small micro-loan to start their own business. To empower them. A small loan to purchase bolts of cloth ended up getting paid back and ELEVEN businesses were formed. Eleven. The entire community was changed.

I am inspired by a man I have never met who lives in Zambia.

Here are a few options in case you are interested in getting involved:

World Vision Microlending.

Hosean International Microlending.



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  1. Allison

    This chapter really does a good job of breaking down just how much a small loan can assist a community in poverty, and how ultimately it is this type of assistance that can really make a difference. I know that owning one’s own business, even under the best of circumstances can be a great feeling so I can only imagine that to be able to create something sustainable like Rodrick and his family did, with the help of a loan, would be very empowering. I had heard of Kiva before, but thank you for the links to the other 2 microlending sites!

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