Chapter 7: The Stick In Your Hand

I love the story of Moses (no that’s not him over there). Often we think of Moses and the great leader he was, leading a massive amount of people who had zero experience of self-leading, self-governing, the patience it took to have generations of people who never really thought for themselves. I love his beginnings. Selfishly, because it reminds me that I’m not quite as stubborn and that even with my fears God can still have great plans for me.

Being a former athlete I have this passage double underlined from a conversation with Bill Hybels. “Every follow of Christ was made for a purpose and that our most important task is to discern what that purpose is. When we find it, he said, we are in ‘the zone’ with God, just like an athlete during his or her best-ever performance.”

I have been there, in the zone. And it is still thrilling to think about. I can tell you the pentathlon I competed in my Sr year in college where I hit mark after mark and the energy that just kept building. It was also where I jumped the highest in the high jump. I can still remember the hurdle race, my final collegiate hurdle race, the finals at Nationals. Funny enough, it was the worst start of my collegiate career – and the best race of my collegiate career.

And it took more work than I have ever put into athletics in my life. Day in and day out commitment, lifestyle change, working through injuries. But in the moment, all that work was so worth it.

Am I conscious about the work and energy it takes to be “in the zone” with my Lord and Savior? I never thought about it like this before, the energy that I could be in the zone. Oh it takes work and oh it is so worth it. I like it, that is one of my new goals for 2013. To begin on the journey to figure out my purpose and get in the zone.



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2 responses to “Chapter 7: The Stick In Your Hand

  1. Allison

    I love equating the energy of being in the zone athletically to the energy one could obtain by being in the zone spiritually. That totally makes sense. And what a good feeling! Not that this affects others on any level, but I know that when I go out for runs, and it gets to that point where it just starts to feel really good, that is when my mind feels the most open and calm and receptive. That might be a good time for me to figure out my calling:)

    Reading through this chapter, it almost presented to me like a sort of checklist to ready myself for that calling.
    -surrender completely
    -put down all idols
    -don’t listen to feelings of inferiority
    -be available and obedient
    -get in the zone
    -be quiet and listen

    I am a nerd about lists, so my brain really liked this chapter and the way it broke down. Those are all areas in which I know I need work, but it also seems really do-able.

    • I’m a nerd about lists too! I was thinking about reading again “The Purpose Driven Life” at some point in 2013 but now w/ an intent to really figure out my purpose and not just read it b/c it’s popular at the time.

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